Celebrating Sobriety: A Journey of Hope and Inspiration

In the latest episode of the Genuine Life Recovery podcast, I had the pleasure of talking with Lisa Grantham (Tannert), an amazing sobriety sister who is about to celebrate an incredible milestone – 20 years of sobriety! Her recovery is a testament to the power of resilience, faith, and the strength of the recovery community. In this episode we talked about the importance of celebrating milestones, the transformative role of faith, and the therapeutic process of writing and sharing our stories.

Reflecting on Milestones

My journey towards sobriety began nearly two decades ago, and I celebrated 19 years sober on June 14th 2024. It’s fascinating how these dates become so ingrained in our lives that they sometimes slip our minds, yet they hold profound significance. Lisa shared how, in the early days, she didn’t understand the importance of announcing her milestones. It wasn’t until someone approached her, expressing gratitude and inspiration from her journey, that she realized these celebrations are not just for us but for newcomers to see that recovery is possible.

The Collective Wisdom of Recovery

Between Lisa and myself, we share a combined 39 years of sobriety. Add to that my husband’s 22 years and Lisa’s husband’s 18 years, and you have a wealth of wisdom and experience. This isn’t about boasting but about demonstrating that long-term recovery is possible. Each year sober represents countless challenges overcome and victories won, underscoring the invaluable support of the recovery community and the grace of a higher power working through our lives.

The Role of Faith in Recovery

Faith has been a cornerstone in Lisa’s journey, just as it has been in mine. It’s not about our efforts alone but recognizing that a higher power (Jesus Christ) is at work. Lisa spoke about how God has worked through her life, helping her overcome addiction and find a path to healing. Faith and surrendering to God provides strength during hard times, guiding us towards recovery and transformation.

Writing as a Tool for Healing

Lisa is also working on a memoir, a project that has been both therapeutic and challenging. Writing about her journey is a way to share her truth and offer hope to others. I, too, am working on a book about integration and finding oneself after addiction. Writing each chapter feels monumental, but it’s a necessary process for healing and helping others see that recovery is possible.

From Alcohol Dependence to Freedom

Lisa shared her story, starting from her first drink after a seventh-grade dance, which felt like a spiritual experience. By 14, she was drinking daily, and alcohol became her guiding force. Her addiction led to losing jobs, relationships, and even her home. Despite multiple stints in rehab and hitting rock bottom several times, it wasn’t until she fully surrendered her will to God and began taking suggestions from others in recovery that she found the strength to recover.

Understanding Addiction’s Grip

We discussed how addiction affects the brain and body, making it incredibly hard to stop. Lisa spoke about her daily need for massive amounts of alcohol and how medication-assisted treatment can help rewire those pathways. The physical and psychological hold of alcohol is powerful, and understanding this is crucial for supporting those in recovery.

The Turning Point

Lisa’s turning point came when she was caught drinking again at a time when people were starting to believe she was sober. She had no fight left and admitted the truth, embracing the first step in AA. This humbling experience allowed her to truly listen, get a sponsor, work the steps, and go to a sober living house after rehab.

The Role of Spirituality in Recovery

Once Lisa let go of her ego and self-reliance, she allowed God to work in her life. This sudden and profound realization was life-changing. She saw the truth and realized that those who she thought had abandoned her were actually trying to help. This spiritual awakening was key to her recovery.

Conclusion: Hope and Encouragement for the Struggling

Lisa’s story is a powerful reminder that recovery is possible, no matter how far gone we think we are. For anyone struggling, know that there is hope. If we can do it, so can you. Celebrate your milestones, share your story, and let God work in your life. As Lisa says, it’s all about honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. Recovery is a journey, and we are here to show that it works.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and discussions on the Genuine Life Recovery podcast, where we share the transformative power of recovery and the resilience of the human spirit.