Adult Children of Alcoholics-Surviving Trauma (Episode 75 Part 1)

I’m joined by Connard Hogan, a therapist who worked in addiction counseling for many years. He is author of the book “Once Upon a Kentucky Farm: Hope and Healing from Family Abuse, Alcoholism and Dysfunction.” Connard is a trauma survivor, Vietnam veteran, and adult child of an alcoholic (ACA). In this episode Connard explains what ACA/ACoA is: Adult Child of Alcoholics, and some of the issues and challenges faced by individuals who grew up in chaotic alcoholic homes. We talk about the various faces of trauma and how it can be emotional as well as physical; how trauma can break our ability to form healthy connections/relationships and lead to maladaptive choices; how self-esteem and trauma are related; learned helplessness that trauma can cause…and TONS more. 

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