** powerful story of recovery, healing, and redemption** In this episode I’m joined by my friend Lisa Michelle who shares her healing journey. Intense childhood abuse and trauma led her to the streets of San Francisco where she felt safer than in her own home. She lived in the heavy metal clubs as a teenager – living the rock n’ roll lifestyle with bands like Poison and Kix. Then…God radically transformed Lisa. Through tremendous hard work and therapy, she began to heal from the pain and intense trauma that haunted her. Now she is the founder of the ministry “No Strings Attached.” They walk alongside women who have been sexually exploited. They bring handmaid gifts to local strip clubs and brothel’s and help women transition out of the sex industry and provide aftercare for sexual trauma. Hear her heartbreaking yet inspirational story. She is a living testimony that no matter how bad our life starts out, God can change our circumstances and anoint our trauma and pain and use to bring victory and healing to others.    

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