From Rock Bottom to Recovery: Insights from a Sobriety Survivor (Episode 138)

Join us for an intimate and enlightening conversation with Lisa Grantham, a survivor whose 20-year journey from addiction to sobriety offers amazing insights and inspiration. Listen as Lisa dives into the raw realities of addiction, the pivotal moments of transformation, and the strategies that have sustained her recovery.

Lisa opens up about her early struggles with alcohol, sharing how what started as a coping mechanism soon spiraled into a cycle of dependency and despair. She recounts her multiple attempts at recovery, the setbacks she faced, and the turning point that finally propelled her towards lasting sobriety.

We dive into Lisa’s journey of recovery, discussing how faith and support from her community, along with the healing power of writing her memoir, have given her valuable lessons and stories that anyone facing similar challenges can relate to on a personal level.

We go beyond personal stories to explore bigger topics like how addiction affects the brain, why it’s crucial to heal from past trauma, and how recovery changes over time. Lisa’s journey shows how strong we can be, and gives listeners practical tips to take back control from addiction and start living again.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on supporting a loved one in recovery or navigating your own path towards sobriety, tune in to gain valuable perspectives, practical advice, and a renewed sense of hope from Lisa’s remarkable journey of healing and transformation.