Turning to drugs and alcohol for comfort is a common and understandable response to childhood trauma. One of the reasons this is so common is that trauma victims are ‘taught’ through abuse and neglect that they are powerless over their circumstances and the trajectory of their lives. In this episode, author and speaker Teresa Nickell shares the grueling circumstances that paved the way for addiction, homelessness, incarceration and more. With God’s help, a solid recovery program, and a loving sponsor, Teresa was able to turn her life around and become victorious and incredibly successful! Tune in as we explore the intersection between trauma and addiction; the difference between being a victim and ‘using it’ to get our needs met; how to practice acceptance around things we are powerless over; and learning how to overcome the victim mentality so that we CAN make decisions and ask for our needs. Today, Teresa Nickell is an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and author of the powerful book The Girl is your wallet.