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Recovery and Mental Health

with a Biblical Worldview

Are you struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol and afraid to tell anyone for fear of judgement?

Have you tried to quit over and over only to find yourself still using or drinking?

Have you prayed time and time again, begging God to release you from your addiction only to find yourself drunk or high that very same day?

my story

If this is you, I completely understand. I was there myself many years ago. I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for many years. I pleaded with God to take away my addiction. In fact, several years before I got sober, I was a DJ at a Christian music station playing praise and worship songs every afternoon. Then I would head to the liquor store each evening, get drunk, and usually black out. I did not tell anyone because I was full of shame. I certainly did not want anyone in the church to find out!

I even tried bargaining with God. I told him if He would strike me sober, I would throw away all my heavy metal CD’s! And I did! Unfortunately, I was drunk the next night. Toward the end of my drinking, I was mixing alcohol and benzodiazepines (Xanax) which is a deadly combination and I could have died. God rescued me just in time and he wants to rescue you too. He has an amazing plan for your life, but He needs you to surrender your addiction to Him so he can show who you are and help you fulfill your destiny.

In addition to struggling with my own addiction to drugs and alcohol, in 2015 lost my brother to his addiction so I understand the family dynamics surrounding addiction and codependency. It can be a challenging system to navigate and you need support along the way.

The reality is my addiction(s) was a band-aid covering up difficult emotions that I did not know how to manage. Underneath the drinking and drugs was anxiety, anger, rage, low self-esteem, stuffed emotions, and TONS of codependent patterns of relating myself and other. These out-of-control emotions further escalated my shame and caused the cycle of addiction to continue. REAL recovery came once I was willing to reach out for help, do the work, and stop avoiding the pain.

Have you tried bargaining with your addiction? Have you tried bargaining with God? As you know, it does not work! It was not until I asked for help that I was able to get and stay sober. Today, I have been sober from alcohol and drugs for 18 years. I no longer have panic attacks and I do not need to take Xanax to calm down. I was able to get to the root of my addictions and codependency issues and step into God’s will for my life. In addition to my years of sobriety, I have an MA in Leadership and an MS in addiction counseling. I can help you get and stay sober and move toward the calling God has for you.

work with me

The ‘method of coaching’ summary is used with a Christian worldview. However, you do not need to be a person of faith to work with me. Completion of all the steps is dependent upon the length of time we work together.

Step 1 - Free Consultation

Let’s determine if working together is a good fit. It’s important to work with someone who can relate and is understanding of your addictions in order to have a successful healing journey.

Step 2 - Develop Better Coping Strategies

We do things for a reason, and that includes addictive behavior. While these behaviors can be destructive, we perceive certain benefits. In order to give up these behaviors we must recognize the benefits (the reasons why) and pitfalls and then work on healthy ways to meet the needs we are using the substances to fulfill. This means working on removing the substance; recognizing internal and external triggers that cause use; and learning replacement activities and healthier coping strategies.

Step 3 - Recognizing and Taking Control of Emotions

Difficult emotions that feel all-consuming are one of the main reasons people turn to substances to self sooth. While the substances can provide temporary relief, the result is usually shame, blame, negative consequences, higher tolerance, negative health conditions, and more emotions stunting. In the same way that we need to develop healthy boundaries with certain individuals, we also need to develop healthy boundaries with our emotions.

While our emotions are extremely important in relaying information, we need strategies to label the specific emotions we are feeling; understand what they are trying to communicate; determine their usefulness to a particular situation; and develop healthy ways of managing them.

Once you have learned some new coping strategies, we will work on recognizing and naming these difficult emotions we have been trying to avoid, and develop better strategies so that those emotions no longer consume us.

Step 4 - Long Term Goals and Values

Addiction can impact every area of our life including our career and life calling. In addition, the impact of the substances on our life and behavior are usually inconsistent with our values. Once you have acquired some ‘sober time,’ developed healthier coping strategies and emotional regulation, we will begin to work on long term goals based on your faith, calling, and values.



Let’s Begin Your Healing

Free consultation to determine if working together is a good fit.

Jodie Stevens
Radio Host | Speaker | Recovery Coach

BA-Journalism/Broadcasting | MA Christian Leadership | MS Addiction Counseling

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Jodie Stevens
Radio Host | Speaker | Recovery Coach