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God’s amazing grace has brought me to the other side of many difficulties

Let me share some of the things I have learned along the way! Below are some of my speaking topics. I recently obtained my MS in Addiction Counseling and I hold a Master’s in Christian Leadership from William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA. I can apply a biblical or theological message to your event topic.

Speaking Topics

Overcoming Addiction & Co-dependency

Addictions are a form of extreme bondage. They keep people trapped in destructive repetitive behavior that sabotages’ God’s design for their life. Seventeen years ago, I was set free from an addiction to drugs and alcohol. It took another ten years before I understood what was at the root of my addictions and co-dependencies. I desire to help others break free and I would love to share what I have learned on my journey to healing.

Addiction and Family Dynamics 

Causes of Addiction and Treatments 

Living From Our True Center:
Removing Shame and Need for Approval

Removing shame and the continuous need for approval is something only our Heavenly Father can do. Often, the way He does it is mysterious. However, it is essential so we can live from the true center of ourselves, hear His voice, and live out His calling for our lives.

Identity Through Redemption:
Finding your God-Given Identity

The Bible is an amazing story of God’s intimate relationship with humanity. Every Book points toward God’s continual redemption of His people. From Genesis all the way through Revelation we see God’s plan at work to restore us to Himself. This teaching will explain how our identity comes from our Creator and His devotion to bring us into right relationship with Him.

Hearing God:
Hearing from God is just as relevant today as it was in Biblical times.

Learn some easy and practical ways to hear from God in your everyday life.

Attachment Styles:
Knowing Your Attachment Behaviors and Biblical Healing

The type of attachments formed in our early years of development can strongly impact how we function and relate to others in life and in our careers. God can heal us from unhealthy attachment disorders. However, understanding ours can help us in the growth and recovery process.

If you don’t see your topic here I would be happy to customize a message for your event!


our voice is god-given
it exudes from the very breath
of god who breathed us into being … may we use it wisely
~ jodie stevens


We were privileged to welcome Jodie as a workshop speaker for our 2019 Cultivate Courage Conference. Jodie’s well attended workshop was highly informative, thought provoking and, as expected, entertaining. Jodie is poignant in her delivery and beautifully transparent which leaves her listeners encouraged and inspired. 

Janice Seal, Vice President

Sisters In The Spirit

Jodie Stevens is a speaker who connects with her audience through sharing her authentic story of recovery and shame. Her wit and sense of humor help the audience receive her words that are grounded in her relationship with Christ and the truth of God’s Word. Most importantly, she educates and inspires and I left her session with a new understanding that has moved me to make some life changes. I highly recommend her! 

Jackie Ann Adams

Life Coach/Speaker

Jodie has a tender way of expressing the pain of shame while also connecting the audience to deep, personal healing.  There’s so much hope in Jodie’s story— her vulnerability captured the entire room as she shared her stories. You walk out of her workshop believing nothing is too big or too painful for God to heal.

Lori Lara

Creator of Strong Girl Defense Program

Event Emcee

An over 30 year radio career can mean only two things: I have emceed a lot of events, and raffled off even more prizes! I can help make your event fun and professional. Although I’m not a comedian by trade, I have been known to crack a joke two. 

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Jodie Stevens
Christian Radio Host • Producer • Inspirational Speaker • Writer



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