Tears for Trey-A Mother’s Mission to End Fentanyl Poisoning (Episode 132) 

Join us on this episode of Genuine Life Recovery as we delve into the heartbreaking yet inspiring story of Tonya Doucette, founder of Project Trey. Tonya opens up about the loss of her son, Trey, to fentanyl poisoning in 2020 and how it led her to start Project Trey. Dedicated to educating families about the dangers of fentanyl and other drugs, Project Trey aims to prevent tragedies like Trey’s from happening to others.

In this emotional conversation, Tanya shares Trey’s journey with addiction, emphasizes the importance of community awareness and support. She discusses the devastating impact of fentanyl, a synthetic drug increasingly prevalent in today’s society, and highlights the urgent need for education and Narcan availability.

Through faith and resilience, Tonya finds strength to turn her pain into purpose, advocating for change and offering hope to those affected by addiction. Listen in as she shares valuable insights and resources to empower families and save lives.