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… And tell your story together.

I look forward to working with you to create a project or advertising campaign that creates results for you or your client. I have a broadcast quality home studio and 29 years in voice-over, copywriting and media. I’m told by clients I sound genuine, professional, and relatable.

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Since Jodie has been a part of Matthews Mattress marketing, I love to be able to tell you that we have sold many, many beds each month. Her efforts to endorse our stores, products, and especially our employees, are so appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Kristen Matthews, Owner Matthews Mattress Stores, California

Kristen Matthews, Owner Matthews Mattress Stores, California

Jodie has been wonderful for my business! Since partnering with her, our phone is ringing off the hook! Thank you!

Tom Daves EXP. Realty – Sacramento

Jodie Stevens

Voice Over Artist, Producer, Radio Host
Writer, Inspirational Speaker



our voice is god-given
it exudes from the very breath
of god who breathed us into being … may we use it wisely
~ jodie stevens