I came across an article in Forbes called  “Want the things you’ve never had? Then do the things you’ve never done.

Reading a book instead of watching TV, or working out instead of eating Twinkies were just a few examples. Typically, I work out so I can eat more Twinkies, but that’s an entirely separate issue.

Speaking of which, I was about to head to the gym the other day because the trails were muddy from recent storms. Then I thought about the futility of playing it safe, so I put on my ‘old’ shoes and went running through the mud for 6 miles. While dodging puddles, I passed a little girl who was singing while skipping straight through the muck! She probably couldn’t figure out why anyone would ever want to avoid those beautiful muddy puddles.


My husband always says any woman worth having is high maintenance. Again, a whole separate issue. But, I do think any THING worth having usually doesn’t come easy, and probably won’t be won on the ‘safe path.’

If you’re having trouble getting out of your comfort zone, try identifying your biggest hurdle(s). For me, it was fear of failure; and fear that people wouldn’t approve of my choices. What helped me get out of that trap was realizing I’d already failed 100 times, and there were already people that didn’t approve of me anyway!

Whatever your goals are, reaching them will require you to get some mud on your shoes. But, the satisfaction and lessons gleaned from pressing through your discomforts are much more rewarding than having ‘clean shoes.’ Don’t you think?

PS-I did receive a few disapproving looks while taking pictures of mud puddles.

1. What are some hurdles you’d like to conquer to get out of your comfort zone?

2. Can you identify one thing you can do each day to get out of your comfort zone?


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