Healing our Soul, Healing our Nation Part 2 (Episode 14)

Have you ever thought about what we should do to help our nation heal? Are we as divided as the media would like us to think? Find out what people across this great and vast country said when asked this simple question: “What one or two things might bring our divided country together for the common good?” In this episode author and speaker Robynne Miller joins me. We will tell you what we think and highlight Marilyn Siden’s journey – an 82-year-old woman who slipped into her Subaru (after slipping into her Birkenstocks) and traveled across the entire country in search of answers from everyday people like you. Very few of the answers involved getting ‘better’ people in Washington, D.C. Her journey is encapsulated in the book-which I have the awesome pleasure of  narrating for Audible and other audiobook distributers- “Finding Common Ground-One Octogenarian’s Quest to Help our Nation Heal.” From dealing with rudeness, to bringing back music, to planting flowers, the answers will inspire and amaze you. Please listen and share this episode, and let us know what you think we should do to help our nation heal. 

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