Overcoming Sexual Abuse and Trauma with Cindy Benezra (Episode 92)

What happens when your past comes careening back and you realize your abuser and your protector are one in the same? In this episode Cindy Benezra talks about being sexually abused by her father, how she suppressed it, and how it all came flooding back. Cindy shares about the process of writing through trauma, how she eventually confronted her father, and how he confessed it. Learn about the denial and dysfunctional dynamics that permeate families with abuse. Find out how Cindy healed from the PTSD of her childhood, the tools she used, and how she was able to forgive her father in the end. Cindy wrote a powerful memoir called Under the Orange Blossom and today her mission is to be a voice to normalize speaking about sexual abuse and give hope to others that their story matters and healing is possible. She is founder of the Cindy Talks platform where she discusses healing tools and stories of hope for other trauma survivors.