Seasons of the Cave (The Higher Purpose Behind our Pain) Episode 5

In this show I’m joined by pastor and author Dennis McGuire who wrote Seasons of the Cave: Lessons we Learn from the Dark Places of Life. Many of the various ‘cave seasons’ in our lives are necessary for God to work out His purpose in us, and draw us closer to Him. We will describe some of those ‘cave metaphors’ we sometimes find ourselves in, like the caves of: conviction, confinement, correction, consequence, compromise, chosen, surrender, confidence, change, conquest, close encounters and closure. Learn about what cave you may be in or have been in. Listen as we share our own personal cave seasons. You will learn about why we must go through these times, what God is teaching us through them, and what cave we might be in right now as a society. As you go through difficult times in your own life, let this bring you hope and inspiration that God is working all things out for your good. 

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