Teens, Addiction and Substance Abuse-Part 1 (Episode 78)

It may come as no surprise that we are living in the midst of a teenage mental health crisis. In this episode I’m joined by Richard Capriola who is a therapist, substance abuse counselor, and author of the book The Addicted Child: A Parent’s Guide to Adolescent Substance Abuse. In this episode we talk about what often gets missed or overlooked in the assessment of teen addiction or substance abuse and how this can impact their recovery. You will also learn about what drugs teens are using today, what they have access, which substances have increased in use, and how substance abuse is correlated with the current teen mental health crisis. We also discuss the long-term impact of drugs on a teenager’s brain and how adolescent substance abuse differs from adult substance abuse. You will also find out what to do if you suspect your teenager is abusing drugs or alcohol.  

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