Unsafe People and Healing from the Pain they Cause (Part 2 Episode 9)

Join us as we talk about how and when to leave unhealthy relationships; how to set and keep healthy boundaries; the importance of community; and how and why we need to listen to our own instincts and why we sometimes do not. If you missed the last show, I encourage you to hop back and listen to part one so you can get a context for this show. In part one we unpacked the nature of unsafe people through our own stories of overcoming trauma, abuse, and dysfunctional relationships. We explored how to heal from the damage caused by unsafe people, and how to spot unhealthy people and relational dynamics. You will learn the dysfunctional/abusive relational cycle and how we can get caught up in it. We also looked at why we unconsciously pick unsafe people due to past trauma, ignoring our instincts and more.

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